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SalaryMatters Affirmations (SMA): Last updated 3/1/16


First Affirmation:
Salary is the most important number of a worker’s career.

We believe that salary is the most important number of a worker’s career. We believe that no other metric has a greater bearing on a worker’s lifestyle choices than a worker’s salary. We also believe that a worker’s salary determines where the worker lives, what they eat, where/if they go on a vacation, where/if their family attends school and much more. For many workers, salary even determines health outcomes and life expectancy. Although many corporations employ communication tactics that diminish the importance of salary, we will never yield to their tactics and will forever remain steadfast in our declaration that salary IS, the most important number of a worker’s career.

Second Affirmation:
Abolish Requests for a Worker’s Salary History.

We believe that requests for a worker’s salary history is, in fact, an inappropriate and intrusive request. Through years of research and analysis, we have determined that there are absolutely no circumstances where it is necessary for a potential employer to ask job seekers their compensation history. What someone was paid in the past is not relevant to their ability to perform the job that they are currently seeking. In fact, our research has shown that this information only benefits the corporation in that, the corporation uses it to “benchmark” or limit the salary offered to a potential worker based on their compensation history and not solely on the work to be performed.

A request for salary history is not for “record keeping purposes” or simply “something we have to ask everyone.” A worker’s salary history, if revealed to a potential employer, will more than likely be used against the worker at the time of salary negotiations. We believe that this long held practice of corporations asking for inappropriate and irrelevant information such as salary history, be seen as dishonorable, unprofessional and intrusive with the hope that this practice ultimately ceases.


SMA Overview:

The SalaryMatters Affirmations are a set of beliefs that we, a cohesive community set on challenging corporate compensation practices, agree upon to guide us in our daily mission to win back salary for the worker.

SMA Voting Process:

Only members of the Salary Squad (SS) will be allowed to submit a decree to be considered by the SS members. All decree submissions will be received within quarterly cycles and will be voted upon by SS members on the last Thursday of the quarter. The deadline for all decree submissions is the Monday before the last week of the quarter.


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