SalaryMatters.com is an online platform dedicated to equipping corporate workers with the tools needed to achieve the salary they rightfully deserve.

Salary is the most important number of a worker’s career. No other figure has a more significant impact on the average corporate worker’s lifestyle than salary.

Our community affectionately refers to ourselves as the Salary Squad [SS]. We are a passionate group of current and former corporate workers that have a desire to help others navigate the treacherous, murky, entrenched and often misunderstood world of corporate compensation practices.

It’s never been just about money.

We understand that money represents just one of many tools needed to help us achieve whatever our life’s purpose is. And make no mistake about it, salary, regardless of what corporate human resource zealots may say, IS an extremely important component of most corporate workers’ lifestyle.

Let us never forget that salary matters.

NO ONE talks about Salary like we do!

NO ONE talks about Salary like we do!

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