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Get the Salary You Deserve. Get the Life You Want!

My New Salary, My New (Awesome) Life!

Before I Grew My Salary, I Had to Choose. Not Anymore.

Solid Nest Egg

My salary increases took our family’s savings from $30K to now over $350K!

Epic Vacations

Cape Town, Amsterdam, Paris, Dubai, Florence, Rome, Venice…we love traveling!

Family Assistance

We’re blessed that we can help our aging parents financially with monthly assistance!

New Car and Home

My wife got her dream house. And 2 years later, her dream car, paid-in-full!

Are You Finally Ready To Get The Life You Want?

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SalaryMatters is NOT for everyone…

Our brand of honesty will tick some people off. And we’re PERFECTLY fine with that!

We’re offering you an opportunity to leave this site if…

  • You brown-nose to get promotions
  • You actually think that HR is your friend
  • You’d rather complain about your career situation instead of taking action
  • You’re some prick recruiter that asks for salary history
  • You believe that your corporation has your best interest in mind
  • You think that your manager holds the key to your career growth

Not long ago, I was the top performer with the lowest salary

About five years ago, I was in a career making about $55K a year—tirelessly working a job that was unfulfilling and uninspiring. I received numerous awards and accolades for my performance. But thanks to my friend in HR, I found out that I was THE lowest paid program manager within the entire organization. Worse, not only was I the lowest paid, my salary was 20% lower than the salary band for that role! How could I, as a top-performer, have a lower salary than my coworkers, all of whom I outperformed? Why am I not being paid within the salary band for this role? I was utterly clueless about how this happened!

And then I attended one HR leadership meeting and my life changed…

  • My Coworkers’ Salary = $85K
  • My Salary (5 yrs. ago) = $55K
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Loyalty is Dead!

The days of working your butt off for a corporation with the hopes of being made whole are long gone. We’ve been there and done that. The corporate executives are getting their cut of the pie and they are not thinking about you.

Best way to Grow Salary

There are multiple ways to grow your salary but there’s one way, by far, that gets you the largest salary increases. Find out exactly what that is and why we only advocate for that method of salary growth.

Steele's Story - A Dream

When I made $55K, I daydreamed what it would be like to make $75K like my peers. Then I got promoted to $85K a year. And then I got another promotion making $145Kin just five years!
Helping Corporate Workers Along the Way…

He is encouraging, positive, and most of all, he cares.

“Steele helped me beef up my resume in the most precise way possible. He showed me that it’s the little details that count. It’s amazing how changing a few words and moving some points around can do SO MUCH. He also helped me realize that I have more value than I think I have. “put that on your resume!” he told me. He is encouraging, positive, and most of all, he cares.”
– Ahmed A.

Steele helped me get a 45% raise!

“Steele’s principles enabled me to achieve what I initially thought was impossible.  By learning his techniques for resume building and how to handle tough interviews, I was able to impress my new employers with what I had to offer, and it landed me the job opportunity I was looking for. Then, when it came to negotiating my new salary, his techniques and encouragement allowed me to achieve a nearly 45% raise from where I was currently.  By using Steele’s techniques Salary Matters, I was able to achieve my dream of making a six figure salary!”
– Chris Z.

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